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HD Online Player (age Of Pirates 2 Crack Download)




You got this game. No waiting for mods, big updates, no third party bugs.I'm glad to announce the first release of my game, and I want to give you an overview of what the game is about.Why pirates? Pirates in the Caribbean had good look and feel, so why not make a game with this setting?Story The game is set in 1760. The world is at war with France. Louis XVI is the king. England and France are two good nations, but in some point France is the bigger one. Through the years they develop and get some new technology, but the common people still lives in poverty.All great pirates, captains and leaders have died in their wars.Only Jean Lafitte and his crew survives the war. With the help of his most trusted men, he tried to rebuild his old gang. I wanted to make a game which would bring people closer to those times and give them a look on the Caribbean pirates. The game will not take place in big cities or naval ships. The pirates will roam all over the islands and sea, and they'll fight with the Royal Navy and some other ships.The small scale of the game was decided by the fact that I wanted to focus on the gameplay, the balance, and quests. I wanted it to be more like a game about pirates, not about submarines or aircraft carriers. Gameplay Now it's time to talk about the gameplay. Here are a few things that you should know: No waiting for mods, big updates, no third party bugs. I want to have a game with long lasting gameplay, so I decided to put all the needed features into the game before the release. So far the game features: Randomized maps, quests and environment. There are multiple islands with different starting locations. Fantastic gameplay with dynamic enviroment and daily tasks Battle with the enemy ships on sea and land Combat experience Boarding and raiding other boats Canvas map for improved tactical gameplay Ship to ship combat with melee and ranged attacks Explore the islands and do side quests Cruise map with multiple quests, trading, gambling and much more Perfect day/night cycle for light to dark mood Custom weapons and armors Main storyline and the end Here is my first map. I've added some mountains and mountains near the coast, as you can see in this picture.



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HD Online Player (age Of Pirates 2 Crack Download)

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